Helping Haitians Help Haitians

Chita tande, mache wè.
Sit and hear, walk and see.

Only about 60 percent of school-age children in Haiti go to school. Of them, approximately one-fifth attend the country’s few government-funded schools. All other students must enroll in private schools, which charge tuitions and require uniforms.

Most parents do not have the means to pay private tuitions, yet they understand the value of education and realize it is likely the best way out of poverty. Many families—who often earn less in a year than the cost of tuition—make tremendous sacrifices to send their children to school; they go without meals, work at whatever jobs they can find, and live in meager conditions to save money. Even with these sacrifices, they might not be able to afford the 13 consecutive years of schooling necessary for a high school diploma in Haiti. Only about 5 percent of the children who start school will finish.

How You Can Make a Difference

Choose to sponsor a student yearly, or make a one-time gift to the program. One-time donations enable us to meet unexpected expenses. All gifts are deeply appreciated!

The costs of sponsoring students are:

  • $475 US to sponsor a primary school student for one year, or for the annual payment of a five-year pledge. (Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or annually.)
  • $550 US to sponsor a secondary school student for one year, or for the annual payment of a five-year pledge. (Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or annually.)
  • $850 US to sponsor a technical school student for one year (for a one- to three-year pledge).
  • $2000 US to sponsor a university student for one year. 

If you cannot sponsor the tuition of a child, you can donate directly to the scholarship program for any amount. We welcome all support!

To print out a scholarship form click here.

At Outreach, we know that sponsoring a child's education is an investment with tremendous value. An education gives each girl and boy the hope and capability to become skilled and independent. 

Today, more than 200 children, teenagers and young adults are in the OUTREACH SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS. Their admissions to the programs are based on economic need and academic merit.

 Each student has a sponsor—a donor who is an individual, a school, a church, a group or organization—whose sponsorship covers the cost of: tuition, books, medical examinations, vaccinations, dental care, and emergency medical aid.

We follow all students carefully to make sure they keep up with their courses. Students must maintain above-average grades to remain scholarship recipients, but exceptions are made in special cases, such as illness and changes in home life. We meet regularly with parents or other care-givers to encourage them to take an active role in supporting their children's studies.
Each sponsor receives a yearly update on his or her student, accompanied by a photograph. Students are encouraged to write to their sponsors.

 Sponsors are asked to commit to five-year sponsorships, to help ensure that students will have long-term support in their education.

The  program success is highlighted by several outcomes:

  • 94 percent retention rate;
  • Six out of seven university students were admitted into the program during their primary school years;
  • Six other students who have graduated from technical schools or universities;
  • One graduate is a doctor who plans to open a clinic in the slum neighborhood where he was raised;
  • One university student (who became a scholarship recipient in the sixth grade) is spending his last semester at Virginia Tech.


To see a video on our Education Program, click here to get to our video page. There you will find an uplifting presentation, among three other featured videos about Outreach to Haiti.

After-School & Summer Programs

Arts & crafts class during the summer school at the Christ Roi campus.

Outreach to Haiti believes that school is never out and that every opportunity for education leads to future opportunities. 

Every effort is made to ensure students succeed. This includes identifying those who are struggling with their academic work. All students must take their report cards to Outreach’s education director for review. 

Students in the Christ Roi Scholarship Program who are having difficulties are required to have daily AFTER-SCHOOL TUTORING. Students whose grades are satisfactory are invited to participate in AFTER-SCHOOL ENRICHMENT activities. These activities include music, art and dance, as well as computer literacy and physical education.

Outreach’s two scholarship programs are planning to establish a Student Resource Center, which would have computers, resource materials and books, and study areas with desks and tables. It would also serve as a site for workshops geared to the needs of students in different grades.

Academic help is offered during the SUMMER PROGRAM at the mission’s Christ Roi campus.  Emphasis is placed on enrichment activities, along with field trips. Students have been to a museum that celebrates Haiti’s history, art galleries that showcase Haitian talent and culture, and working farms. Outreach hires guest speakers and instructors to heighten these educational experiences.

Outreach to Haiti takes a holistic approach to education. Students attending both the after-school and the summer programs receive daily nutritious meals. Each student is given an annual physical exam at the clinic on the Christ Roi campus. A visiting dental team provides an annual checkup with fluoride treatments. 

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