Helping Haitians Help Haitians

Sa je pa wè, kè pa tounen.
What the eye does not see, the heart does not feel.


Art therapist Julie McIntyre of Canada visits villagers in the mountainous parish of Les Palmes, Haiti, located southwest of Port-au-Prince.

Haiti is world famous for its exuberant culture—richly influenced by nature, history and religion. While it is often news headlines that draw our attention to Haiti, the country holds countless wonders for a traveler’s discovery.

Although the earthquake of January 2010 destroyed the two buildings that had been accommodating our guests, it did not destroy one of the founding blocks of our mission. Hospitality for travelers continues at a rented house in Petion-Ville and in temporary quarters at the Christ Roi campus, where we will eventually rebuild.  We offer lodging and meals and can provide transportation and translator services if desired.


INTERNATIONAL GUESTS stay with us for a variety of reasons. We host MISSION TRAVELERS with their own organizations coming to Haiti to help in medical and education work or projects. Others are addressing sanitation, economic development, and other initiatives designed to improve conditions in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

OTHER GUESTS include college groups, friends and acquaintances of Outreach to Haiti. Some guests are referred to us and are travelling on business.

Our IMMERSION-RETREATS to Haiti run from five to 10 days. Through our Twinning Program, people from parishes in the United States partnered with parishes or orphanages in Haiti travel to Port-au-Prince to strengthen their bonds through faith and cultural exchanges. Other groups simply want an introduction to Haiti, or are considering a partnership.

During these supervised retreats, travelers are hosted at the Norwich Mission House, at #7 Rue Lorimer in Petion-Ville. They visit orphanages, clinics and other sites supported by Outreach to Haiti. Visitors are often taken to other programs and projects that have become friends of our agency over the years. Trips to the countryside are often included.

We want to give visitors a glimpse into the lives of the Haitian people, so that they can begin to know their way of life. We invite speakers to the mission house to talk on different topics, including: justice and peace, religion; politics, history, and culture.
The Immersion-Retreats are for groups of five to 10 people. Please note that young people traveling to Haiti must be at least 18 years old and high school graduates if they are not travelling with a parent. Contact us at [email protected] or 860-800-3601 for more information.

Preparation and Background - To find out more about Haiti, beyond the information on our website, you can go to related links.  There are many links that can give you more information on Haiti's history, culture, current environment, and advice on medical preparation for a trip to Haiti (the CDC).  Keep in mind that CDC recommendations prepare you for travel to any part of Haiti.  You will generally not be in very rural areas, and you will be consuming safe water and food.  You can discuss their recommendation with your doctor, or a travel clinic.

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Guest Rates & Services

Travelers & Visitors:

  • $50 a day. Price includes: room, breakfast and dinner. (Lunch is not served at the house.)
  • $40 for airport pick-up or drop-off. This is a one-way cost for a single vehicle.
  • $80 for transportation for a half-day; $160 for a full day. (Costs change if travel is outside the greater Port-au-Prince area.)
  • Translator services can be arranged.

Immersion-Retreat Groups:

  • $100 a day per person. Price includes: room, breakfast and dinner; transportation (including: airport pick-up & drop-off); and translator services.

Application & Release Forms:

Forms should be sent to 815 Boswell Ave, Norwich, CT  06360-2536

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