Helping Haitians Help Haitians

'Bonjou' se paspò ou.
'Good morning' is your passport.

Our door is open—to international visitors and to Haitians in need of medical care. Although the earthquake of January 12, 2010 destroyed the two buildings that had been accommodating our guests, it did not destroy one of the founding blocks of our mission.

Hospitality, which is an adjunct to all our programs, continues at a rented house in Petion-Ville  and in temporary quarters at the Christ Roi campus, where we will eventually rebuild.  We offer lodging and meals and can provide transportation and translator services if desired.

INTERNATIONAL GUESTS stay with us for a variety of reasons. Through our Twinning Program, people from parishes in the United States partnered with parishes or orphanages in Haiti travel to Port-au-Prince to strengthen their bonds through faith and cultural exchanges.  They also develop projects undertaken in partnership.

IMMERSION GROUPS—typically comprised of first-time visitors—stay with us to be introduced to Haiti and to learn about the culture and faith of its people.  Before their trip, travelers have preparatory meetings, and their stays in Haiti are well-planned to provide them with a variety of experiences. These groups visit programs and projects supported by Outreach to Haiti, as well as many other sites.  

A guest house in Petion-Ville is open year-round.


Other guests include MISSION TRAVELERS with their own organizations who come to Haiti to help in medical and education work or projects.  Others are addressing sanitation, clean water, economic development, and other initiatives designed to improve conditions in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

OTHER GUESTS include friends and acquaintances of Outreach to Haiti. Some guests  are referred to us and are travelling on business.

Our GUESTS FROM THE PROVINCES (GFP) program provides lodging for patients seeking medical care in Port-au-Prince.  They typically are referred to us by partner organizations in rural areas where medical care is more limited. We provide lodging and meals to these patients and their accompanying caregivers. We also:  arrange for the medical care; provide needed advocacy;  and help patients navigate the health care system. When necessary, we secure visas for people in need of life-changing or life-saving surgery or other treatment in the United States.

Guest Rates & Services

Travelers & Visitors:

  • $45 a day. Price includes: room, breakfast and dinner. (Lunch is not served at the house.)
  • $35 for airport pick-up or drop-off. This is a one-way cost for a single vehicle.
  • $80 for transportation for a half-day; $160 for a full day. (More for travel outside of greater Port-au-Prince area)
  • Translator services can be arranged.

Immersion-Retreat Groups:

  • $100 a day per person. Price includes: room, breakfast and dinner; transportation (including: airport pick-up & drop-off); and translator services.

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