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Immersion Trip Reflections- Day 3

Wed, Apr 18th, 2012

Today we traveled outside of Port-au-Prince to Saintaard.  The two hour journey through the busy streets of Haiti gave us a glimpse into the lives of communities in the countryside.  When we arrived at Saint Anne’s, we were greeted by curious faces and welcoming smiles.  The children whispered and giggled as they watched us from a distance.  We were welcomed by an inspirational man named Father Anis whose kind spirit was reflected in his beautiful smile.   Yet again we met a person who has dedicated his life to a Haitian community.  His passion for his work is reflected in the beautiful school he is building.  He spoke to us about all him and his parish have accomplished and the obstacles that he and the community are still facing.  He discussed his needs and his dreams of doing more for the community.  We toured the school, where the children were engaged in their studies. 

After the tour Father Anis took us for a walk in the neighborhood where we saw people hard at work, chopping wood, collecting fruit, preparing their land and nets for fishing.  When we arrived back at the school, the school day was finishing and the children gathered around us.   The true spirit of these children was reflected in their glowing smiles…..

After visiting the school we went to visit the community of Crois-des-Bouquets, a village with metal artisans.  We saw dozens of people and their shops and watched them creating magnificent art out of old metal drums.  This artwork is reflective of the resourcefulness of these artists, as they salvage sheet metal to make beautiful pieces. 

Today we saw both the incredible natural and human beauty of Haiti and obstacles they face.  “Deye mon gem mon”, as the Haitian proveb says – (“There are mountains beyond mountains.”) Both Father Anis and the artisans reflect the beauty of the country and the very reason we need to work together for Haiti. 

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