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The Master Weaver

Mon, Jan 11th, 2021

I sometimes think of God’s plan as one beautiful tapestry that will not be revealed to us until we meet Him. God’s plan involves all His children. He wants us to love and help each other as He loves and helps us. Each of us is one thread in the tapestry, but all the threads are needed...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Outreach to Haiti: The Gifts of Christmas

Mon, Dec 14th, 2020

For many of us, the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas has become a special time for us to reflect on the approaching birth of Christ and to thank God for His many gifts by allowing His love to shine through us to help others. Faith, our most important gift, allows us to know G...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Outreach to Haiti: Why We Do Parish Twinning

Mon, Nov 23rd, 2020

“The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that a person took and sowed in a field” Matthew 13:31 Why are we involved in parish twinning? I was asked this question recently. Parish twinning allows us to help our sisters and brothers in the Faith in geographic areas less fortu...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

By Marie Farrell

Thu, Nov 12th, 2020

Your support is needed now more than ever to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti with emergency food and nutritional supplements for malnourished children and expectant mothers, health care, education sponsorships, training, and start-ups for micro-businesses. Diocese of Norwich Outreach to Ha...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

A Fun and Fabulous Gold Tournament for Love of a Child

Fri, Oct 23rd, 2020

Sunday, September 13 was a grand and glorious day at the Wintonbury Golf Course in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Golfers playing in our annual For the Love of a Child tournament happily arrived looking forward to a day spent outdoors in the sun with good friends. Each player had their own golf cart...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Fishing Boats for Saintard, Haiti

Fri, Oct 9th, 2020

“…Just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” By Father Frank Rouleau, Chaplain and Twinning Director, Outreach to Haiti With the arrival of hurricane season, I was reminded of October four years ago when H...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Love is the Greatest Treasure of All

Fri, Sep 18th, 2020

One of my favorite scriptural quotations can be found in Matthew (6:19-21), “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and decay destroy, and thieves break in and steal. But store up treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor decay destroys, nor thieves break in and steal....     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Ride for Haiti Stops at Cathedral of Saint Patrick

Thu, Sep 17th, 2020

FCC News Desk A team of four bike riders taking part in the annual "Ride for Haiti" across Connecticut made a stop Thursday, September 17, at the Cathedral of Saint Patrick in Norwich. The team chatted with Bishop Michael R. Cote and stopped for pictures with Father Frank ...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Outreach to Haiti: 'We Belong To Each Other…'

Fri, Jul 31st, 2020

Haiti has seen more than its share of strife: earthquakes, hurricanes, epidemics, and violent civil unrest. In all my visits to Haiti I have never had a Haitian say to me, “Why us? What did we do to deserve this?” I believe this is due to Haitians having a deep reservoir of hope thanks t...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Prayers From Haiti

Tue, Jun 23rd, 2020

As we deal with the pain, sorrow and fear from the coronavirus, one of our friends in Haiti, an artisan, sent the following sentiments to one of our board members. How are you doing these days? I was thinking about you. By the grace of God, we are fine in Croix-des-Bouquets. My only c...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Sa ou plante se sa ou rèkolte (A Haitian Proverb): What you plant is what you harvest

Thu, May 14th, 2020

For nearly 40 years the Diocese of Norwich has had a presence in Haiti, the poorest and most densely populated country in the Western Hemisphere. A series of pilgrimages by clergy, religious and lay people in the early 1980s profoundly impacted all who came to this little island country approxima...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Outreach to Haiti: Easter Hope, Easter Joy

Thu, Apr 16th, 2020

Recently, while I was celebrating Mass for the Missionaries of Charity in Port au Prince, Haiti, a four-year- old boy came up to me as I was listening to the First Reading being proclaimed. He pointed to the Crucifix on the wall above me. The Mass was celebrated in English. The child doesn’t s...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Outreach to Haiti: We Are Ambassadors for Christ

Thu, Mar 19th, 2020

As we continue our Lenten journey together and individually, let us remember “We are ambassadors for Christ, as if God were appealing through us.” (2 Corinthians 5:20). Our daily lives, especially during Lent, should reflect our faith in and love for God. These reflections can take the f...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

God's Plan Includes Helping Others

Sat, Feb 22nd, 2020

Those of you who have been fortunate to visit Haiti know firsthand that on the surface it looks beautiful and peaceful in many areas. This belies the fact that the Haitian people have seen more than their fair share of challenges, especially the January 12, 2010 earthquake that killed approximate...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Love: The Most Beautiful Gift of All

Thu, Jan 30th, 2020

I believe God’s greatest gift to us is His love, which is given to us unconditionally. I am truly thankful for God’s gift of love, freely given, because I know if I had to earn His love, I would be in trouble more often than not. St. Matthew (22:37-39) reminds us of Christ’s com...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

God’s Christmas Gifts to Us: Faith, Hope, Love, and Charity

Thu, Jan 2nd, 2020

Most of us have been blessed with cherished memories of celebrating Thanksgiving with family, friends and loved ones. While our traditions may vary, sharing love and giving thanks are the foundations which usher in December and the season of gift-giving. Through the birth of God’s only son,...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Ride to Rebuild 2019 Visits St. Patrick School Students in Norwich

Thu, Sep 19th, 2019

FCC News Desk. A small team from Outreach to Haiti is taking part in a five-day, 337-mile bike ride, touching five of the six New England states and climbing more than 13,000 feet. The ride started Monday, Sept. 16, and its purpose is to rais...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Educating Women Leads to Success in Business and Family Life

Thu, Aug 15th, 2019

By Dennis Petruzzi At Outreach to Haiti we believe in the principle that education is the path to opportunity and the way out of poverty. For 30 years we have invested in educating school-age children and young adults. In the summer of 2016, aided by a grant from the Congregation of the Sisters o...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Outreach to Haiti Ministry Greets New Director

Tue, Jun 25th, 2019

By Ryan Blessing Outreach to Haiti welcomed Susan Wallace as its new executive director and bid a happy retirement to former director Daniel O’Sullivan. Director Wallace, who comes from Cape May, N.J., began her work June 3 at the Outreach to Haiti office in Norwich. Mr. O’Sullivan...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

12th Annual For the Love of a Child Gala

Mon, Jun 24th, 2019

By Dennis Petruzzi The 12th annual “For the Love of a Child Gala” was held on April 27th at A Villa Louisa in Bolton, Connecticut. The gala benefited and celebrated Outreach to Haiti's 30-plus years of Gospel ministry to the people of Haiti. There were about 125 guests at ...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Education is the Road Out of Poverty for Haitian Youth

Thu, May 23rd, 2019

By Mezalus Emil Kenley Richard’s story is proof that education is the road out of poverty for Haitian youth. The Outreach to Haiti Education Sponsorship recipient, Kenley now works to support his family and send his sister to college. For most of his life, Kenley’s family has faced...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Parish Twinning and the Connection with Faith

Sun, Apr 14th, 2019

By Father Frank Rouleau Parish Twinning is about building relationships and solidarity with Catholic parishes in other places. “We are members of a universal Church that transcends national boundaries and calls us to live in solidarity and justice with the peoples of the world” (USCCB 1997)...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

The Life of a New Mom in Haiti

Tue, Feb 26th, 2019

Five Americans follow two Haitians along a winding narrow concrete lined corridor in the Christ Roi neighborhood of Port-au-Prince. Descending the path from the main road we bypass people’s homes and curious onlookers until we reach our destination. It is a smallish home...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

St. Mary's Immersion Trip

Wed, Jan 28th, 2015

St. Mary's in Coventry twins with the parish of Notre Dames in Les Palmes. From Ray: Second report from the pilgrims from St. Mary's in Coventry and St. Aquinas Chapel in Storrs. Pictured is Barbara Charland from Coventry and Jean-Marie Moise from Notre Dame Parish in Les Palmes.     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Thoughts on Twinning with Haiti

Tue, Jul 24th, 2012

At St. Mark’s, we often say: you really can’t find two more opposite groups of people or places than our twinned parish of Notre Dame de Lourdes in Port-au-Prince and our parish in Westbrook, CT. But nevertheless, the connection between the two parishes is real and runs very deep. And, oh, the lessons we’ve learned on the past 2 trips to Haiti!     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Getting Involved, Giving Back- A College Student's Perspective

Wed, Jun 13th, 2012

When I first got involved with Outreach to Haiti, it was really quite by accident. My church, St. Patrick’s in Farmington CT, wanted me to choose a church ministry to work with for service hours in order to get confirmed. Looking at all the options I had to choose from, I had no idea where to start.     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Immersion Trip Reflections- end of the trip

Sat, Apr 21st, 2012

On our last day in Haiti, we visited the Mother Teresa Baby Hospital in Port-au-Prince. The hospital was founded by Mother Teresa Sisters of Charity and cares for infants suffering from malnutrition and other illnesses. Holding the children in our arms and feeding them was a deeply moving experience...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Immersion Trip Reflections- Day 3

Wed, Apr 18th, 2012

Today we traveled outside of Port-au-Prince to Saintaard. The two hour journey through the busy streets of Haiti gave us a glimpse into the lives of communities in the countryside. When we arrived at Saint Anne’s, we were greeted by curious faces and welcoming smiles.     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Immersion Trip Reflections- Day 2

Tue, Apr 17th, 2012

Today, we journeyed up into the mountains of Haiti to visit L’Arc-en-Ciel, a home for children and adolescents infected/affected by HIV/AIDS. Besides housing children, L’Arc-en-Ciel has also worked to educate the public regarding HIV/AIDS. We listened to how these programs are evolving as the needs of the communities are changing...     (Click to read entire blog post.)

For the Love of a Child Gala

Thu, Apr 12th, 2012

An evening to benefit Haitian children in need. Join us for Outreach to Haiti's single largest (AND MOST FUN) fundraiser of the year. Saturday, April 21, 2012 at the The Clinton Country Club     (Click to read entire blog post.)

CT Walks for Haiti

Tue, Mar 20th, 2012

Last year, the second annual CT Walks for Haiti raised more over $16,000 for medical, nutritional and educational projects in Haiti. All proceeds go to charities that are experienced in "putting aid to work in Haiti," which includes Outreach to Haiti. Thank you for your support!     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Outreach Loses Two Friends

Thu, Mar 8th, 2012

Sr. Ann Weller & Noreen Gibson Outreach Loses Two Friends Outreach to Haiti lost two dear, longtime friends this winter, Sr. Ann Weller and Noreen Gibson. Both women were stalwart supporters of the missions in Haiti of Hospice St. Joseph and Haitian Ministries for the Diocese of Norwich. (These missions were merged to form Outreach to Haiti in late 2010. Although Hospice St. Joseph started out under the sponsorship of the Diocese of Lafayette, it moved under the sponsorship of the Diocese of Norwich in the early 2000s.)     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Outreach to Haiti Video

Thu, Jan 12th, 2012

Two years after the 2010 earthquake, Haitians keep pressing on. This video is a window into Outreach to Haiti's programs and the people whose lives we touch thanks to all of our friends and supporters.       (Click to read entire blog post.)

Bracelets from "Blans"

Wed, Nov 30th, 2011

Eight years ago, Kelly Smart, of Coventry, CT heard about a small village in the mountains of Haiti, called Les Palmes, whose parish is twinned with St. Mary's in Coventry. She was so touched in her heart by the stories of the children and families she heard about, that she felt in her hear that she wanted to reach out to them. She began brainstorming about how she could help bring smiles to the faces of the kids who she had heard past ravelers gushing about. "Bracelets!" She thought, remembering the beaded bracelets she had learned to make using colorful plastic beads and elastic string.  If she could raise funds to buy the materials, and work on them whenever she had some free time, she could make enough bracelets in the next couple of years to one day bring to the children of Les Palmes.     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Synchronized Rhythms: A Traveler's Reflection

Mon, Oct 17th, 2011

Well, it has been a week since I've been in Haiti and I miss it and the people very much already! Although I will be processing this for a long time; all that I've seen and experienced, I wanted to take some time to reflect on our time there.Sa je pa we, ke pa tounen. What the eye does not see, the heart does not feel. This saying is so true. I thought I knew what to expect from taking this immersion trip to Haiti, I thought I knew what I'd see, feel, smell. This, a distinct, faded memory of my short stay in Port au Prince harbor twenty one years ago while serving in the U.S. Coast Guard-was not sufficient!     (Click to read entire blog post.)

It’s All Relative: How a Low-Income Afterschool Program Gives Back to Haiti

Wed, Sep 28th, 2011

....The families of the children at "The Mission," as it is referred to by community members, are all living on an income at or below the federal poverty line.  So, when Ju'Leah approached Education Coordinator, Jennifer Messina, about her concerns for the children of Haiti, Jennifer found it remarkable.  Here was a child who, by any American standards, would be considered "at-risk," "needy," or "disadvantaged," and yet here she was practicing more compassion and good will than most well-off adults....  "The people in Haiti are hurting so badly. They don't have much money, and lots of them lost their homes in the earthquake.  It makes me so sad what happened them. I told Miss Jen that I think we can do something to help them."     (Click to read entire blog post.)

The Story of Little Rosie and her Sponsors

Mon, Sep 26th, 2011

STV Jewel Arnold from Well Done Marketing on Vimeo. Twelve years ago, Sister Rosie of St. Vincent Hospital in Elwood, Indiana, took a trip to Haiti. She wasn't sure what to expect or what she would find there, but she felt compelled to go. What Sr. Rosie found during her stay in Haiti was a small child who tugged on her heart strings.  Immediately Sr. Rosie felt the need to speak with the young girl, and hoped to be able to stay connected to her in some way. When she asked the child her name, Sister Rosie was delighted to find out that it was that of her own! The small child's name was Rose Kery Tregis, and Sr. Rosie fondly nicknamed her "Little Rosie." When Sr. Rosie returned from her trip, the administration of St. Vincent Hospital encouraged each department choose a cause to support on a yearly basis. Sr. Rosie knew immediately who she wanted to support. She began telling the staff of the Environmental Services Department the story of Little Rosie in Haiti. She told them about her beautiful smile and her big personality at such a young age. And she also explained how Little Rosie's family was struggling to come up with the money to send her to school.     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Shopping Haiti - by Patty Kantrowitz, store manager of Haiti's Back Porch

Fri, May 27th, 2011

Blog By: Patty Kantrowitz When people find out that I go to Haiti to buy crafts for our non-profit store in Middletown, CT, they always want to come with me shopping. So I thought I would write about what it is like to shop in Haiti.     (Click to read entire blog post.)

A Different Perspective - by Erin Conway - Junior at Farmington (CT) High School

Mon, May 23rd, 2011

Blog By: Erin Conway, a junior at Farmington (CT) High School. She went to Haiti during a school break with a small group of students and their parents. One of the most memorable experiences of the trip to Haiti was meeting Barbara Jean Baptiste. Through the CCD at St. Patrick's Church in Farmington, we have been sponsoring Barbara by paying tuitions that have enabled her to go to school for the past seven years. When we started, she was 11 years old and have never been to school. She is now 18, and wants to go to school to become a nurse.     (Click to read entire blog post.)

A Helping Hand from Connecticut to Saintaard - Barbara Wysocki - Parishioner of Saint Elizabeth Seton

Tue, May 3rd, 2011

Blog by: Barbara Wysock At my parish, St. Elizabeth Seton in Rocky Hill, CT, we have lots of admiration and respect for Pere Anis Yves, pastor of our twin parish in Haiti, St. Anne's in Saintard.  He works so diligently to bring education to the children in that community. Last fall, Pere Anis joined us for Hoof it for Haiti, our annual fundraiser in September in Rocky Hill.  In addition to understanding how we raise funds to cover our monthly commitment to St. Anne's, he went home with art supplies, in preparation for art therapists who were coming to help the youngsters in his parish.     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Surprised by a Smile - Conor Brooks - Senior at Farmington (CT) High School

Fri, Apr 22nd, 2011

Blog by: Conor Brooks - a senior at Farmington High School in Connecticut Before I went to Haiti in February, I knew what I was going to see: some devastated buildings, trash in the streets, famished children -- like those ads on TV showed. And then I got to Haiti.     (Click to read entire blog post.)

Walking with Partners - Dennis Petruzzi - Outreach Interim Director

Thu, Apr 14th, 2011

Walking with Partners Dennis Petruzzi, Interim Director of Outreach to Haiti Even before the earthquake there was an awful lot to do to improve the lives of the people we serve in Haiti. The earthquake simply made the challenge greater and took its place among obstacles like hurricanes, political unrest, cholera, and shortages of every kind. Organizations like Outreach to Haiti could easily point to success stories and demonstrate progress of programs and their impact on the day-to-day lives of the people they touched: A student comes to the United States to study at a prestigious university; another is given a safe place to live and her grades return to normal, or a malnourished infant gains weight and "graduates" from our nutrition program. But in the world's eye there is no progress to be seen in the rubble that still fills the streets, the lack of sustainable political and economic infrastructure, and the overwhelming effects of poverty.       (Click to read entire blog post.)

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