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The Story of Little Rosie and her Sponsors

Mon, Sep 26th, 2011

Twelve years ago, Sister Rosie of St. Vincent Hospital in Elwood, Indiana, took a trip to Haiti. She wasn't sure what to expect or what she would find there, but she felt compelled to go.

What Sr. Rosie found during her stay in Haiti was a small child who tugged on her heart strings. Immediately Sr. Rosie felt the need to speak with the young girl, and hoped to be able to stay connected to her in some way.

When she asked the child her name, Sister Rosie was delighted to find out that it was that of her own! The small child's name was Rose Kery Tregis, and Sr. Rosie fondly nicknamed her "Little Rosie."

When Sr. Rosie returned from her trip, the administration of St. Vincent Hospital encouraged each department choose a cause to support on a yearly basis. Sr. Rosie knew immediately who she wanted to support. She began telling the staff of the Environmental Services Department the story of Little Rosie in Haiti. She told them about her beautiful smile and her big personality at such a young age. And she also explained how Little Rosie's family was struggling to come up with the money to send her to school.

Eleven years later, "Little" Rosie is in high school, and the Department of Environmental Services has sponsored her education ever since she entered kindergarten. Little Rosie is a bright student who lights up with that bright smile that Sr. Rosie fell in love with so many years ago.

Rosie has just passed the national examination that will allow her to continue onto the next grade, which is just beginning. She has four more years of high school left, and is hoping to go onto university beyond that.

Environmental Services Department Head, Jewel Arnold explains, "Our department organizes bake sales and other fundraisers that the entire hospital takes part in supporting. Everyone around this place knows the name "Little Rosie," and we are very happy to be supporting her."

"We are working on raising enough money over the next few years to send our Little Rosie to College."

Most recently, Jewel Arnold was honored with St. Vincent Mercy Hospital's "Spirit of Caring Award" for her dedication and support to Little Rosie over the years. We are thirlled to see one of our sponosrs being recognized by her peers for the good work she is doing.

Congratulations Jewel!

STV Jewel Arnold from Well Done Marketing on Vimeo.



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