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Diocese of Norwich Outreach Center Capital Campaign

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Why a new Outreach Center?

Since the earthquake of 2010 destroyed our facilities, we have been operating from temporary facilities in 2 separate locations. We are now in a position to rebuild in a single location. This investment will allow us to:

  • Consolidate our Education, Medical and Nutrition, Parish Twinning, Hospitality programs and administrative functions
  • Reduce annual costs by $50,000, through consolidation, making more funds available to support and expand our program services
  • Replace temporary clinic and nutrition structures with a well- equipped medical suite serving a neighborhood of 60,000 with compassionate and professional service
  • Provide comfortable and secure accommodations, gathering and worship space for up to 14 international visitors
  • Enhance support for over 200 students in our Education sponsorship program by creating a welcoming space for afterschool activities including life skills and computer literacy training
  • Repurpose existing space on the property for visiting groups providing other volunteer services such as dental
  • Provide employment opportunities to local individuals in building and renovation efforts

What is Outreach to Haiti?


  • Outreach to Haiti (OTH) operates to empower the people of Haiti.  We support programs managed by Haitians, and employ Haitians in our medical clinic, guest house, and headquarters.  All OTH employees in Haiti are Haitian.
    • · Operating in Port-au-Prince and surrounding communities since 1985
    • · Full service Maternal and Child Medical Clinic serving neighborhood of 60,000
    • · Nutrition program returning 100 malnourished children to health annually
    • · Guest accommodations for up to 14 international visitors
    • · Provide scholarships for over 200  students at the primary, secondary and post-secondary levels
    • · Growing internship program to turn  education into employment
    • · Foster and help maintain Parish twinning relationships between U.S. and Haitian  communities 
    • Twins provide support for two orphanages, with about 110  children
    • Twins provide support for 11 different parishes (and the Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince) who are providing education, medical care , and economic opportunities to over 10,000  Haitians
  • Poorest country in the Western Hempisphere
  • 78% of Haiti’s people survive on less than $2 a day.
  • Between 60% and 80% of Haitians are unemployed or underemployed.
  • The Haitian adult literacy rate is less than 50%, about 77% of children  attend some elementary school, and 29% attend some secondary school.
  • Public schools are scarce.  Private schools  charge tuition.
  • Before the earthquake, there were 380,000 orphans in Haiti.  Now, that  number is estimated to have doubled.
  • 62 Catholic churches were destroyed in the 2010 earthquake.
  • 7,500 elementary schools and 1,500 secondary schools were destroyed in the earthquake.

Tax-Deductible Donations….

Check— pay to Outreach to Haiti 815 Boswell AVE, Norwich, CT 06360 Credit Card– or call 860-800-3601 Please see if your employer will match Installments available for large donations

Naming opportunities are available. Please call the office for more details.

Contribution levels

  • Diamond $10,000+
  • Platinum $5,000—$9,999
  • Gold $2,500—$4,999
  • Silver $1,000—$2,499
  • Bronze $ 100 —$ 999
A Haitian artisan will be commissioned to create a tree of life metal sculpture similar to the one pictured below. For each individual donation the artist will paint a leaf of the sculpture according to the chart above. The sculpture will be displayed in a prominent place in the new Outreach Center, along with a book containing the names of donors at each level. Donors may, of course, remain anonymous.

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